Product Forms and Varieties
Organic Ginseng Dried & Fresh Root (Aug - Sep)
Organic Goldenseal Dried Root, Dried Leaves and Fresh Root (Aug - Sep)
Organic Ginkgo Fresh and dried ginkgo leaves are shipped each October.


419 (Custom)
drying rakes (Custom)
drying room (Custom)
drying room1 (Custom)
dryingginseng1 (Custom)
DSCN0435 (Custom)
DSCN0436 (Custom)
DSCN0437 (Custom)
DSCN0438 (Custom)
DSCN0439 (Custom)
DSCN0440 (Custom)
DSCN0441 (Custom)
DSCN0442 (Custom)
DSCN0443 (Custom)
DSCN0444 (Custom)
DSCN0445 (Custom)
DSCN0446 (Custom)
DSCN0447 (Custom)
DSCN0448 (Custom)
DSCN0449 (Custom)
DSCN0450 (Custom)
DSCN0451 (Custom)
DSCN0452 (Custom)
DSCN0453 (Custom)
DSCN0454 (Custom)
echinaceaplanting1 (Custom)
echinaceaplanting2 (Custom)
equipment1 (Custom)
equipment2 (Custom)
fresh goldenseal root (Custom)
garden (Custom)
ginkgo2 (Custom)
ginsengberries4 (Custom)
ginsengberries5 (Custom)
ginsengberries6 (Custom)
ginsengberries7 (Custom)
ginsengfieldprep1 (Custom)
ginsengfieldprep2 (Custom)
ginsengfieldprep3 (Custom)
ginsengfieldprep4 (Custom)
ginsengfieldprep5 (Custom)
ginsengfieldprep6 (Custom)
ginsengfieldprep7 (Custom)
ginsengfieldprep8 (Custom)
ginsengfieldprep9 (Custom)
ginsengplants1 (Custom)
ginsengplants2 (Custom)
ginsengplants3 (Custom)
ginsengplants_3yr_1 (Custom)
ginsengplants_4yr_1 (Custom)
ginsengplants_5yr_1 (Custom)
ginsengroots1 (Custom)
ginsengshade (Custom)
ginsengshadecloth1 (Custom)
goldensealberries1 (Custom)
goldensealplants2 (Custom)
goldensealplants3 (Custom)
goldensealplants4 (Custom)
goldensealplants5 (Custom)
goldensealplants_1yr_1 (Custom)
goldensealplants_3yr_1 (Custom)
goldensealtubs1 (Custom)
harvestingginseng1 (Custom)
making new rootlets (2) (Custom)
new rootlets (Custom)
pickingginsengberries1 (Custom)
Picture 032 (Custom)
Picture 051 (Custom)
Picture 052 (Custom)
plow1 (Custom)
plow2 (Custom)
plowedfield1 (Custom)
pond (Custom)
products1 (Custom)
products2 (Custom)
products3 (Custom)
roger with new washer (Custom)
roger_sawdustspreader3 (Custom)
roger_tractor1 (Custom)
roger_tractor2 (Custom)
roger_tractor3 (Custom)
roger_washingginseng1 (Custom)
rototiller1 (Custom)
sawdustspreader1 (Custom)
sawdustspreader2 (Custom)
snowginkgo1 (Custom)
snowhouse1 (Custom)
tanya_washinggoldenseal2 (Custom)
tractor1 (Custom)
tractor2 (Custom)
tractor3 (Custom)
tractor4 (Custom)
unwashedginseng1 (Custom)
unwashedginseng2 (Custom)
unwashedginseng3 (Custom)
unwashedginseng4 (Custom)
unwashedginseng5 (Custom)
unwashedginseng6 (Custom)
unwashedginseng7 (Custom)
washingginseng1 (Custom)
washingginseng2 (Custom)
washingginseng3 (Custom)
washingginseng4 (Custom)
washinggoldenseal1 (Custom)
weeding1 (Custom)
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